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Approvals and Certifications

Speed Metal has been endeavoring for many years to get recognized by international certifications, including the American Petroleum Institute (API) certification (license No. 288), Speed Metal is certified by US API. The quality of Speed Metal widely recognized bye world’s car industry and motorsport teams. Speed Metal obtained the approval certificate from Mercedes-Benz. BMW and Porsche.

Quality Testing

Through the Friction coefficient test, Metal wear amount test, Friction coefficient changing test, Power FC knock test, Running oil destructive testing, Hydraulic oil temperature test and International speedway test, Speed Metal gets great results on all tests.

Actively participate in international events

Motorsport racing is the platform of testing and development new technology for every car developer because it is tricky and harsh, Speed Metal also tests all of our products with the most stringent conditions. For racing-class motor oil development and technology, we have more than 20 years of rich professional experience.

“Maintaining brand image, create a higher quality, meticulous brand culture, this is Speed Metal.”

Speed Metal

“Speed Metal technology from extreme motorsports”

Speed Metal