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Speed Metal has various certifications, including API American Petroleum Institute certification (License No. 2289), Speed Metal passed the American API quality certification. Excellent quality and professional technology, widely recognized and praised by the world’s car manufacturers and racing team, Speed Metal has BENZ, BMW, PORSCHE certification.

Seven Major Quality Test

Passed the friction coefficient test in the Metal Industries Research & Development Centre, the metal abrasion test, the friction coefficient variation test, the running oil destructive test, the Power FC detonation data test, the isolation effect test, the international race track test.

Participate in International Competitions

Motorsports is an important stage for the world’s major car manufacturers to test and develop new technologies. There is no other reason, it is tricky and harsh enough. Speed Metal also tests any of our products under the most stringent conditions. We have more than 20 years of professional experience in the management and technology of racing-grade oil products.

Speed Metal International