Congratulations to the Mazda CX-5 Gathering event!

On the day, more than 600 Mazda CX-5 were gathered, more than 2,000 members and Speed Metal participated in

this grand event.

Hundreds of Mazda CX-5 gathered together. The view was really spectacular.

Speed Metal provided Additives Gas Treatment for all the members and visitors of Mazda CX-5 event.

Mazda CX-5 Recommended Motor Oil:


High-tech motor oil. It has perfect performance in the lubrication and protection, long-life service, high oil pressure,

low oil temperature and great cleanness. It’s almost perfect.

270K 5W30

With a high shear stability of the design, even under harsh driving conditions, it still can reduce the volatility of oil

around the piston ring region at high temperatures and maintain an oil film.

Thank you to all Mazda CX-5 owners for participating in Speed Metal product experience!

Looking forward to seeing you again in the future.