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Speed Metal & 555 Club Penbay International Circuit Safe Driving Event

Speed Metal this year was invited by Taiwan most professional and the largest number of members

555Club together at Penbay International Circuit(PIC) for a safe driving event, lots of activities were held,

Super cars were shown up by the member of 555Club and giving the experience to the other member

a lap speeding on the track, beside that many champion’s drivers from this circuit were also invited

to coach the club’s member.

The professional provide free training lesson about racing skills and rules on the track, they enjoy

speeding and the speed of passions with Speed Metal. Speed Metal provided Additives Gas Treatment

for member to experience and also provide GUTS SN level of high-performance lubricant for them as

the prize for the winner to enjoy the change on their car!

Although it is close to mid of December, but the weather that day at PIC was great,

Speed Metal and hundreds of members can enjoy the scenery of the track,

what a unprecedented event.

Speed Metal also invited beautiful Show girls together to help out and experience the Additives

Gas Treatment of Speed Metal, together we reduce carbon the Earth!!!

With hundreds of members witnessed, Speed Metal’s Additives Gas Treatment was affirmative by

the experience of the members, leaving a pleasant memory for this sunny weekend.

Lot of rare super cars on the track that day, don’t know if you have find the model you like?

After the event on the track, Speed Metal and the 555 club’s member move to E-DA world

for dinner and award ceromony, the winner gets the high-performance lubricant GUTS SN level.

And the successful conclusion of this event in addition to thank the 555club kind

invitation and thanks to the members leaving a good memory with Speed Metal.

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