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Speed Metal re-participate in the Macau Formula 3 Grand Prix “The Emperor” Ye Hong-Li comes in with fearless

2016 Macau Formula 3 Grand Prix , Speed Metal and KRC (Kang’s Racing Company)

take part in this competition,driver “The Emperor” Ye Hong-Li is very active in Asian

racing event for the past few years.

For the first time to participate in the Macau F3 “The Emperor” Ye Hong-Li get a single

lap results of 2 minutes 14.012 seconds on the first day of qualifying and practice.

Although it is the first time in Guia Circuit, the performance of “The Emperor” Ye Hong-Li

is on the level and ranked first among the Chinese drivers. After the end of two sets on

Thursday, “The Emperor” Ye Hong-Li said the Guia Circuit really well-deserved

reputation, speeding racing car and the fence is very close. At first he took a conservative

run through the practice and qualifying gradually improve the results, push harder at

every corner to shorten the lap time. “The Emperor” Ye Hong-Li fastest lap is 2 minutes

14.012 seconds, not only the fastest Chinese driver and also an excellent result for the team.

Which Speed Metal is the key backing that provided the great lubricants.


Although “The Emperor” Ye Hong-Li with the experiences of the Asia Formula Race

(2013 Asia Group Champion), China Touring Car Championship (CTCC), All Japan

Formula 3 and others, but unfortunately bad luck came at qualifying. The collision

caused the F3 race car damaged the rear parts. After a night of emergency repairing,

in the next day’s trials, the start did not take long and again a crash at the Mandarin

Oriental Bend caused the F3 race car’s carbon fiber cockpit damaged and can’t be

repaired. Although the front part was damaged and can’t get back into the race,

“The Emperor” Ye Hong-Li and the team members of the cooperation, communication

and the face of the accident were so calm, this characterize the competitive spirit of

Speed Metal and for the first time challenging Guia Circuit with brilliant performance

leaving us a deep impression!


Even if unable to stand on the podium, the indomitable spirit of fighting of the whole

team vowed to come back in the next race!

Speed Metal richly cultivating Formula racing Extreme Speed Trial


The Macau Formula 3 Grand Prix has been held for more than sixty years, with a total

length of 6.2 km of Guia Circuit, one of the world’s most famous street track. Only 30

of the world’s best F3 drivers receive the invitation to participate, many well-known F1

drivers are from the Macau F3 stand out to F1, this is also Macau F3 has become the

battleground to become a F1 drivers.


Speed Metal is in the line with international standards, we put more focus on the brand

spirit. In Macau Formula 3 Grand Prix, arranged two well-known and has over ten

thousands of fans show girl – Cai Yu-Yu and Karry as our racing model and lunched

a number of activities to let Speed Metal become the focus!


On the race day November 19th & 20th, two show girl – Cai Yu-Yu and Karry from Taiwan

personally took the signature card shuttle among the F3 teams to ask for the drivers

signature and successfully collect nearly 30 F3 driver’s signature. Professional attitude

not only bring high publicity effect, under the guidance of Speed Metal General Manager

mr. Huang highlight the spirit of the brand! The different of the other Taiwan’s brand,

Speed Metal enhance the strength of product, more emphasis on long-term business

philosophy, more than ten years investment on international racing, not only to stand

in line with international standards, but also through participation in high-standard

events to create a higher quality and more detailed brand culture!


(photo provided by KRC- Kang’s Racing Company)


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