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Speed Metal

Speed Metal International Co., Ltd. founded in May 1993, proud of expert about automobile lubricant oil and chemical. Speed Metal award American Petroleum Institute Certification (License No.2289) by API SL, API SM, and API SN quality certification. Its specialty in quality control, deploy, laboratory, and monitoring gets wide recognition and praise by vehicle depot and fleet over the world.

Motor Sport is world’s major automakers’ important testing stage of research and development of new technology. Reason is simple: enough tricky and enough harsh. So do Speed Metal test any products! We have nearly 20 years of substantial professional experience in racing oil operations and technology. Cannot only by the extensive experience but outstanding quality can enter world’s top brand and establish brand image. Maintain brand image, has put spirit into industry, and create higher-quality and meticulous brand culture. This is what Speed Metal do!

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BMW Group

BMW Group


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