🏁BMW X-Men Lihpao Racing Park Family Gathering
Thanks to all X-Men members for their enthusiastic participation and experience!
SUPERCAR Fuel System Treatment
Can be used on Gasoline and Diesel vehicles🆗

💯Decrease exhaust temperature by more than 100°C
Decrease exhaust temperature Cool down engine oil temperature Cool down water temperature

Significantly cooling the engine temperature, increase power
Thousands of supercars witnessed on the track
First choice for supercars and high-performance cars

🎉Congratulations to the complete success of the event,
More than 500 BMW X series gathered on that day,
More than 2,000 members participated in this event,
Speedmetal also participated in the grand event together, providing SUPERCAR Fuel System Treatment to the members to experience,
In addition, added 10 Formula 3 remote control cars as a lucky draw gift.
Enjoy a special holiday time with the owner and the whole family😁☀